Next-Generation Clustered Heat Map Compendium for The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)

We created an interactive compendium of 297 NG-CHMs to illustrate the capabilities of the NG-CHM system using molecular profiling data from the NIH TCGA project at the protein, RNA, and (soon) DNA levels.

However, note that the NG-CHM system is not restricted to biological data; it fully supports data from other domains.

Heat maps in the compendium are organized in a three-dimensional matrix. The axes of this matrix are:

  • Tumor type,
  • Platform, and
  • Heatmap type.

Selectors for these axes are on the left of the compendium page. An informational page is shown on the right.

When a specific value is selected for one or more of these axes, thumbnails for all heatmaps matching those selections are displayed on the right. Clicking on a thumbnail will open the corresponding NG-CHM.